Pepper Potts
My name is Virginia Potts. People who know
Tony probably know me as Pepper. I'm the
CEO of Stark Industries and Tony's personal
assistant. Any questions about Tony can be
directed to me considering i handle his interviews
and such. Thank you for your attention.
((Independent Rp blog for Pepper Potts!
Movie Verse! + some Comic details!))

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AU Relationship: Loki Laufeyson

fc: Gwyneth Paltrow
Male fc: Paul Bettany

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June 25th 2012
July 9th 2012
August 8th 2012
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globetrottingstarksuit replied to your post:-blushes- Shut up

N…neither did I… you’re awesome, Miss Potts…or may I call you Pepper? ((Mun: that was beautiful, thank you))

Pepper…. please…


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  1. globetrottingstarksuit said: Bethie…for me. -smiles at her, taking one of her hands in her own-
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